Our natural cocoa powders are answeetedly manufactured through grinding the cocoa cake without any GMO materials ,also named organic cocoa powder, answeeted cocoa powder, which reach the standard of ISO and GMP and national GB/T20706-2006 .Its are widely used in bakeries, confectioneries, ice-creams, chocolates, biscuits and so on .

Natural cocoa powder
Product Type WMS100N WMS200N WMS300N WMS400N
Sensory Index
Purely cocoa fragrance,light brown color
Physical and chemical index
Fatcontent(%) 6-8 10-12 10-12 10-12
PH value 5.2-5.8 5.2-5.8 5.2-5.8 5.2-5.8
Moisture(%) 5.0max 4.5max 4.5max 4.5max
Fineness(200mesh through%) 97.0min 99.0min 99.2min 99.3min
Ash value 8.0max 8.0max 8.0max 8.0max
Microbiological Index
Total plate count(cfu/g) 3000max 3000max 3000max 3000max
Clio forms(cfu/g) 50max 30max 30max 30max
Mould count(cfu/g) 100max 80max 80max 80max
Yeast count(cfu/g) 50max 30max 30max 30max
Staphylococcus(cfu/25g) Negative Negative Negative Negative
Salmonella(cfu/25g) Negative Negative Negative Negative
Pathogenic bacteria(cfu/25g) Negative Negative Negative Negative
Package/Storage/Shelf life
Package conditions W.G25.25kg/bag;N.G25kg/bag;In Kraft paper with inner polyethylene liner
Storage conditions To keep in dry,clean and well-venti latedastompheres;away from sunlight and other strong odors
Shelf Life 24months from production date in original packages under reasonable storages


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